See and Get Ahead of Cybersecurity Threats

with AI-powered Network Detection and Response

AI-Driven Network Detection

Managing the threat of ransomware, in-memory malware, zero-day exploits, and other cyber threats requires federal agencies to have tools that enable them to detect and respond to potential threats rapidly. BluVector’s Automated Network Detection and Response (NDR) solutions provide an essential component for staying ahead of today’s ever-evolving threats and providing your SOC resources with tools and information to focus on what matters most.

Purpose built for our Nation’s networks.

BluVector has successfully addressed network security challenges for the US government, defense sector, and national security communities with Artificial Intelligence-based advanced threat detection.  BluVector’s network visibility lets cyber operators to discover and hunt the world’s most skilled and motivated adversaries.

“BluVector was deployed to scan 100% of our network traffic, and we saw a drop of 61% in support and hardware costs while allowing our existing team to investigate more meaningful threats, automate much of the activity, and onboard tools for greater efficiency.”

– US Federal Government Agency Director

Stay MONTHS Ahead of the Adversaries

BluVector’s Advanced Threat Detection is ready to detect zero day and evasive malware months in advance of its first sighting.  On average, BluVector’s AI malware detection engine successfully detects zero-day, high profile malware 42.8 months before the malware is publicly disclosed. Our AI solution covers over 30 of the most prevalent malicious file types.

Evolving threats are more than just headlines.

Hype without understanding is just clickbait. The BluVector team works to help you make sense of the current environment and put trends into context.

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