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BluVector Cortex is Now BluVector ATDTM

New name describes exactly what we deliver - world-class, industry leading threat detection.

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Healthcare Experiencing Increase in Cyber Attacks

Cyber criminals are adapting their attacks during the current pandemic crisis. In the new Threat Report: Healthcare 2020, the BluVector Threat Team examines 13 threats to healthcare and why these attacks are still getting in.

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Get Smarter About
Machine Learning

Our newly refreshed Guide to Machine Learning 2020 walks cybersecurity pros through what it is, how it works and how to judge different uses as they evaluate new security solutions.

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Phishing Increases in First Round of Pandemic Threats

COVID-related lures renew old phishing attacks, the buggy kernel driver that shuts down endpoint malware detection and a big RAT that likes CARROTs.

Trusted by
the Toughest

With nearly a decade of development, BluVector’s AI-powered solution was born to deliver the next-generation of advanced threat detection and network coverage that meets the needs of any size enterprise.

Deployed and actively in use across global government and commercial networks, BluVector is trusted to provide comprehensive threat coverage thanks to our people, our technology and our commitment to our customers’ success.

A Rich History
of Defense

BluVector’s history drives its future. As a leader in machine learning who has invested more than a decade applying AI to detect cyber threats, BluVector strengthens the cyber defenses for the world’s most discerning customers.

With multiple patents, BluVector helps our customers leverage AI-based approaches to deal with the volume, velocity and polymorphic nature of today’s and tomorrow’s cybersecurity threats.

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Loved by Security Operations

Getting the most out of today’s modern security stacks requires solutions that are built for operators, not executives. After all, every good security operations team invests time, effort and expense in tailoring systems to their infrastructure.

With a commitment to open architecture, BluVector trusted by security operations because it was built for analysts. Combining Zeek (a.k.a. Bro), Suricata, supervised machine learning, speculative code execution, Yara, ClamAV, and HURI at speeds up to 20Gbps in a single 2U appliance, BluVector’s modular design provides coverage analysts need through technologies analysts trust.

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Threat Report Q1 2020

Threats for Q1 2020 were dominated by two central themes: Coronavirus/COVID-19 and state-sponsored attacks. While each in their own categories can inflict significant damage to organizations, the merging of both might be an even bigger story in Q2.

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BluVector has been recognized time and time again for our role in leading innovation in the Next Generation Network Security industry.

Industry Accolades

BluVector has been recognized time and time again for our role in leading innovation in Network Security.