AI-Driven Network Security

  • AI-Driven Network Security

    AI-Driven Network Security

    BluVector is revolutionizing network security
    with state-of-the-art AI, sensing and responding
    to the world’s most sophisticated threats in real time.

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    Creating a World Class Automated
    Threat Detection Solution

    Learn how Gigamon used BluVector Cortex
    to reduce its cyber dwell time and gain full
    visibility into network traffic.

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    Recent survey showcases the top 11
    cybersecurity challenges and just
    how many breaches have occurred in
    the past year.
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Threat Report: Satan Ransomware Rebrands as DBGer
Old threats come back as new... with a new name too.
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Threat Report: Lazarus Group Uses KillDisk as a Distraction for SWIFT Attacks
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Threat Report: Invisimole’s Advanced Spyware Capabilities Packed into 84+ Commands
Characteristics suggest nation-state or advanced persistent threat attacker.
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Two Engines, One Goal

BluVector’s powerful machine learning and speculative execution technologies, enables organizations to minimize the risk of costly cyber incidents by accurately identifying advanced attacks designed to avoid anti-virus, mask malicious behaviors and subvert traditional network defenses.

Machine Learning Engine

BluVector’s Machine Learning Engine (MLE) is a patented, supervised machine learning engine, which was developed within the defense and intelligence community to accurately detect zero-day and polymorphic malware in files in real time.

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Speculative Code Execution

BluVector’s Speculative Code Execution (SCE) Engine is the security market’s first analytic specifically designed to detect fileless malware as it traverses the network by emulating how the malware will behave when it is executed.

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Industry Accolades

BluVector has been recognized time and time again for our role in leading innovation
in the Network Security Industry & Intrusion Detection.

RSAC Innovation Sandbox FINALIST
Red Herring 100 Winner
Momentum Watch List 2Q17

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