Creating a world where ransomware doesn’t pay.

We help you stop ransomware and other threats, even the ones you don’t know about yet. 

BluVector solutions provide actionable intelligence. We give your SOC the right information at the right time to protect your network at massive scale and line speed.

Automate your threat intel delivery to go where it’s needed most.
Analyze all data traffic; you don't have to rely on a sandbox approach.
Rely on a network product that detects at line speed and scales off any pipe.
Increase SOC efficiency by giving your people the ability to focus on higher priority threats.

Choose your range of protection.

Our products match the scale and maturity of your network, are engineered to find the threats others can’t, and accelerate your response.

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Network visibility lets you discover the full extent of a cyberattack.

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Catch bad actors on the “way in” with over 40 content-specific, supervised machine-learning classifiers.

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Hunt down threats faster with less data, richer insights, and fewer false positives.

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Comcast trusted our patented cyber-threat detection technology so much they bought us.

Only the highest levels of performance and efficiency earn the business of one of the world’s largest networks. 

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Comcast built the network. Comcast manages the network. BluVector helps secure the network.

Data Centers
30 Million
Internet Customers
325 Gbps
Of Data Throughput
Employees & Contractors

BluVector uses Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning to solve the most daunting cybersecurity problems.

SOCs are drowning in alerts, and your network is likely already compromised by novel malware that has gotten through traditional signature-based detection. Your threat hunters often spend valuable time collecting and preparing data to test attack hypotheses, only to come back empty-handed.


BluVector has successfully addressed these acute problems for the US government, defense sector, and national security communities with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


That’s in our DNA. We use AI/ML to solve fundamentally unique sets of complex problems at a speed and scale that traditional solutions cannot.


Data Is the Differentiator

We have been collecting and tagging data for over ten years to build machine learning engines capable of identifying threats other solutions can't. That's because AI/ML is only as good as your data. If you don't have unique data, it's really hard to argue that you have unique insights.

Stay Ahead of the Enemy

As attackers become more creative, aggressive, and learn to leverage AI/ML better, you need these capabilities to keep up with unique and novel threats. BluVector will continue to invest in our technology to stay ahead of evolving threats.


Benefit from Intelligent Automation

AI/ML capabilities enable intelligent process automation and automation at scale. AI/ML provides a unique opportunity to scale the human element and better focus limited resources against more acute problems.

Learn how BluVector uses Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning to deliver cybersecurity that augments your security team’s talent with uncompromising speed and scale.

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By integrating with other tools in your stack through open-sourced API’s, threats can be mitigated quickly and efficiently.

BluVector orchestrates rapid response across the SOC through

real-time integration with SIEM, Endpoint protection, Threat Intelligence, and Network Analytics.

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Our customers and our awards best tell our story.

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Evolving threats are more than just headlines.

Hype without understanding is just clickbait. The BluVector team works to help you make sense of the current environment and put trends into context.

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