We Seek To: Change the world and make it Safe

We brought technology designed to save the country to the commercial market.


How We Began


Northrop Grumman

An idea is born.

Almost a decade ago a dedicated group of security researchers and data scientists set out on a mission to evolve advanced threat detection through machine learning. Evaluating vast collections of both benign and malicious software and applying machine learning science, this team is uncovering the markers and mutations of today’s modern malware. Originally developed by and for the defense intelligence sector; BluVector is on the forefront of real-time advanced threat detection.


Kris Lovejoy

Kris Lovejoy joins team.

With goal of commercializing BluVector product.

Where We’re At



LLR Partners acquires BluVector from Northrop Grumman.

BluVector now operates as a standalone business lead by CEO Kris Lovejoy. As the volume and complexity of advanced threats increases, threat hunting solutions like BluVector are arming security professionals with the intelligence tools they need to identify, understand and remediate increasingly advanced threats.

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Our vision for the Future

It’s a big goal: Change the world for the better by making it safer. For the employees of BluVector, that’s not just “big talk”.
We are working with our partners in research and academia to extend and expand our platform with breakthrough analytics that detect never-before-seen threats with greater speed, fidelity and efficiency than anyone imagined possible.
We believe that in the years to come, BluVector’s approach to allowing seamless deployment of best of breed analytics atop a simple to use, easy to integrate platform will allow the world’s businesses and governments to operate with trust and confidence that data & systems are protected.

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