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ActiveCyber Interview with Kris Lovejoy – CEO of BluVector, Inc.

“One of the themes I have been harping on in this blog is the need for speed, specifically speeding up the cyber OODA loop. So when I bumped into Kris – one of my previous bosses – at the recent RSA conference and learned about how BluVector was accelerating the OODA loop at wire speed and with high detection accuracy, well, I was excited. I asked Kris for an interview on the spot and, as usual, she graciously accepted. Learn about how machine learning and turbo-charged Bro engines can accelerate your incident response activities into a high octane version of active cyber defense in the interview…”

Read the full interview here.

Micheal Mullen currently serves as Senior Product Marketing Manager at BluVector. Previously, he’s authored or edited content on sites including Metalogix, ZD Net, Deltek, The Washington Post and L-3 Communications.

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