Case Study: Ransomware

IBC Bank (IBC), one of Texas’ largest holding companies, was looking to improve its cybersecurity detection and response capabilities for advanced targeted attacks, especially ransomware.

In an effort to combat these advanced threats, IBC turned to BluVector Advanced Threat Detection™ to deliver fast and accurate malware detection that didn’t rely upon rules or signatures.

As a result of its investment, IBC was also able to bolster its visibility into both North-South and East-West traffic and gain additional context surrounding the source and intended destination of threats.

Installed and operational within hours, IBC Bank reported that BluVector Advanced Threat Detection provided immediate return in its first week of operation by detecting targeted attacks designed to circumvent traditional malware detection methods. BluVector Advanced Threat Detection leverages supervised machine learning that delivers highly accurate detection rates of advanced threats in milliseconds. Automation aggregates threat and network data that incident response teams use as context for decision making, shortening the response window from months or days to hours or minutes. Part of a broad security ecosystem, BluVector easily integrates with enterprise-grade cybersecurity infrastructure to bring together a best-of-breed approach to advanced threat detection.

About Jaff Ransomware

During its first week at IBC, the bank faced a new zero-day ransomware threat known as Jaff. Before news about the new zero-day malware broke, IBC’s threat team saw over 2,000 instances of Jaff in just a week. The high-volume phishing malware enters a user’s machine through the opening of a PDF document attached in an email message masquerading as business-related documents or invoices. Enclosed within that PDF file is a Word file that then uses JavaScript to set a series of events that ultimately work together to encrypt the machine’s critical business files with a new “.jaff” extension.

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  1. BluVector’s machine learning detected Jaff in milliseconds at the network edge, identifying the threat before it even had a name
  2. ​BluVector armed IBC’s threat team with the data needed to understand the threat

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