BluVector Increases Incident Response Team Effectiveness— and Your Organization’s Security 

Cyber threats are growing far faster than traditional cybersecurity tools or mere humans. So how will organizations catch up? Automation and machine learning are the keys to future successes against these evolving threats.

malicious cyber threats increase

Because machine learning solutions can take many different forms, it is worthwhile to ensure that the solution for malware detection and analytics employs an approach that is accurate, effective, field-proven and tuned to your specific environment.

BluVector’s supervised machine learning approach was designed to ensure accuracy by detecting unknown, advanced threats—even those targeting your specific environment. This network-based security monitoring and analytics platform operates at line speed, producing fast time-to-results, and its accuracy far surpasses any other approach on the market.

With the ability to evolve the machine learning models based on an organization’s own environment, the BluVector platform produces highly tuned results, and at the same time makes itself much less vulnerable to evasion. Even if a bad actor could obtain access to our system, the results obtained from factory settings would not be the same as those found in any given organization where learning has tailored the results to the specific environment.

BluVector makes the incident response (IR) team’s work smoother and more effective. Low false positive and false negative rates mean that the team can focus on what is really important to the organization. By combining information from a variety of security tools, BluVector can send alerts to a SIEM to integrate with existing processes and provide full context in an analyst-friendly console.

With BluVector, it’s finally possible for IR teams to connect the dots, focus on new and emerging threats that are bypassing other defenses, and achieve unprecedented efficiency to stop them before they do harm by taking action within minutes, not months.

Looking for more intelligence on how to increase your organization’s security posture? Download our latest white paper, Incident Response Ups the Ante Against Evolving Threats to learn how to prepare for future threats.

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