Healthcare’s Dilemma: Uptime Versus Upkeep

While computers aren’t new to doctors’ offices, their use for tracking patient records has been both controversial and challenging. Paper records don’t require electricity, aren’t susceptible to malware threats and don’t need servers. Yet, as …

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Threat Report: Locky Ransomware

UPDATE: Sept. 6: The BluVector Threat Team obtained the malicious Word Document from VirusTotal (.docx – md5: 97414e16331df438b2d7da0dad75a8d5) and ran it through BluVector. BluVector successfully identified it as malicious with a confidence of 0.99999.

What Is …

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What Is Destructive Malware?

Destructive malware sounds redundant, like “serious crisis” or “end result.” In fact, it is the latest advancement in malware that takes the already cunning ways in which polymorphic malware enters and hides within a computing …

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Ready to Change the Cybersecurity Game?

Time to declare game over in the cybersecurity game

Cyber threats are simply evolving faster than the solutions created to prevent them. Left vulnerable, organizations are often forced to clean up the aftermath of a …

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