How to Achieve Real-Time Advanced Threat Detection and 100% Network Visibility

Garland Technology and BluVector, A Comcast Company, have teamed up to provide real-time threat detection and 100% network visibility.

BluVector’s next generation IDS, powered by AI, is empowering security teams to get answers about real threats, allowing businesses and governments to operate with confidence that data and systems are protected. Garland Technology’s EdgeSafe™ Bypass TAPs and PacketMAX™ Advanced Aggregators provide 100% visibility, delivering complete copies of network traffic along with other data sources like PCAP files.

Join us for this webinar to see how the BluVector sensor uses traffic from Garland Technology Network TAPs to extract metadata and files for analysis by BluVector’s detection stack, generate events based on BluVector’s findings, and how an analyst can block threats by integrating their EDR tools and forward events to their SIEM.

Topics covered:

  • See every Bit, Byte and Packet with Garland Technology’s TAPs and Aggregators
  • Benefits of a TAP vs a SPAN port
  • How to block threats by integrating EDR tools and forward events to SIEM
  • How targeted logging features filter and summarize Zeek logs

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Ben Cohen, Sr. Director, Solutions Engineering, Garland Technology

In this role Ben focuses on larger architectural considerations that often present challenges with network visibility such as resilience, interoperability, and integration into the data center topology. Prior to Garland, Ben has delivered DDoS, WAF, and other security solutions to protect large IT environments.

Mike Myers, Director of Sales Engineering, BluVector

Mike Myers leads BluVector’s sales engineering team with a focus on deployment, systems engineering, integrations and threat assessments. Prior to BluVector he led SS8’s threat research team and developed deep packet inspection technology at SS8 and Northrop Grumman. Mike holds patents in topics related to security in cryptocurrency.

July 1 @ 23:30
23:30 — 00:30 (1h)