Network detection and response at any scale with uncompromising speed.

Safeguarding critical assets and infrastructure ensures our way of life.

Our network-based threat detection solutions are built with the same technology chosen by the US Department of Defense and DARPA to protect the nation’s most critical assets.

The Problem Of Zero-Day And File-Less Malware
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The Problem Of Analyzing All Network Traffic At Line Speed
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The Problem Of Cyber-Hunting At Scale (CHASE)
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No industry is safe from ransomware attacks. BluVector has a solution to meet the needs of any size business across all sectors.

Partner us with anybody. We’re ready to jump in and enable an integrated solution.

Easily integrate with any existing security stack. Not a black box.
Opportunity to reduce costs by consolidating outdated, less efficient technology
Go beyond employee training to protect against deliberate and inadvertent insider threats brought about by ever present and too often successful social engineering campaigns
Cybercriminals adapt quickly to circumvent strengthened security; “next gen” supply chain attacks grew 420% in just 12 months. (2020 State of the Software Supply Chain) If your company is part of a supply chain you can’t afford to be the weakest link. Meet or even exceed the most stringent security requirements to protect your customers’ supply chain and your company from attacks by state actors and ransomware gangs.
Ransomware Insurance is getting more expensive and cyber criminals have been known to specifically target companies that have policies in place – since they are more likely to pay big ransoms.
Ransom payments don’t always work. Most victims of ransomware never fully recover all their data. In fact, you’d be lucky to get even half of your data back. You can’t trust a criminal.

Profits from cyber-crimes are used to fund the research and development of new ransomware and recruitment of affiliates. It’s time to break this vicious cycle.

BluVector helps organizations defend against ransomware attacks that bypass traditional cybersecurity defenses.

Ensure your kill chain coverage.

Building on full network visibility, BluVector Advanced Threat Detection moves you up the kill chain with content analysis, network traffic analysis, and a framework for threat hunting. BluVector Automated Threat Hunting connects all the dots to give your team the information they need to find and stop attack campaigns before they can inflict serious damage.

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Streamline your detection and forensics with better ways to investigate the data.

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Comcast built the network. Comcast manages the network. BluVector helps secure the network.

Data Centers
30 Million
Internet Customers
325 Gbps
Of Data Throughput
Employees & Contractors
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We can lead your integrated solution.

Partner us with anybody. We’re ready to jump in and enable an integrated solution.


Look For a Team Player

We provide access to multiple threat intel feeds and natively integrate with 3rd party solutions and open 
source projects.

Add Value To Your Stack

Our tools are compatible with other aspects of cyber defense, but we add another dimension with our patented AI Machine Learning.

Shrink Your Costs

Consolidate your stack for a fraction of what you are currently spending.

Move your SOC up the kill chain.

BluVector’s flexible architecture allows you to design the framework to move your SOC from reactive to proactive. We help you choose the platforms that work with your specific network topography, and increase your speed to resolution.


I want advanced visibility into the network and the ability to hunt previously undetected threats moving inside.

I want advanced visibility into the network and to detect advanced persistent threats & fileless attacks entering into the network.

I want to detect both advanced persistent threats & fileless attacks and hunt previously undetected threats moving inside.


The attack is inevitable. The outcome is up to you.

Our products match the scale and maturity of your network, are engineered to find the threats others can’t, and accelerate your response.

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Network visibility lets you discover the full extent of a cyberattack.

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Catch bad actors on the “way in” with over 40 content-specific, supervised machine-learning classifiers.

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Hunt down threats faster with less data, richer insights, and fewer false positives.

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