event in Norway

NITEC19: NATO and the High North: Technology Ultramarathon

NATO and the High North: Technology Ultramarathon will focus on advancing technological solutions and business practices to strengthen NATO operations from the South to the High North.

Building on NATO’s largest exercise, Trident Juncture, this conference will give industry leaders the chance to learn how they can support Alliance operations in the High North with their latest technology. The extreme climate and lack of satellite communications in the Arctic are leading our allies in the region to embrace innovative partnerships with the private sector.

This work will help the Alliance continue to safeguard peace and stability not only in the High North, but also across all 29 NATO Nations. Improving communications in the region would pave a path to increasingly advanced data management, which would improve decision making. The benefits afforded by better communications extend beyond security. For example, better communications could help our ally Norway strike a balance between conservation and sustainable use of Arctic resources.

Organized in cooperation with AFCEA Europe and the Ministry of Defence, Norway, NITEC19 conference will bring together more than 700 senior government, military and industry leaders.

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