In today’s connected world, every company has become a target for cyber criminals, regardless of industry. BluVector delivers world class detection capabilities to every size and type of business by combining both file-based and fileless malware detection into a single, powerful platform. This platform has the ability to increase the performance of any organization’s security team, ranging from the largest security operations centers to the lone security analyst.


Born to solve the government’s hardest malware detection challenges, BluVector brings over eight years of experience in detecting threats against the US Intelligence Community. Whether you are looking to meet the latest cybersecurity Executive Order or NIST recommendations, help satisfy rigid requirements or protect classified or sensitive information, BluVector has a proven ability to lower risk, increase compliance and improve your organization’s threat detection and response capabilities.

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The legal industry continues to be a high-value and high-profile target for malware actors. With substantial access to sensitive information such as intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, and pending litigation, it’s crucial that law firms protect their data and systems from unauthorized eyes.

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The finance industry is a constant target for adversaries looking to steal money, obtain personal information or cause disruption. In addition to keeping up with the increasingly sophisticated attacks developed by cyber criminals, financial services organizations must also abide by ever more stringent regulations.

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Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure systems are increasingly under attack from some of the world’s most sophisticated adversaries. Protecting these systems is of the utmost importance, as successful attacks have the potential to cause significant public harm, in addition to negatively affecting the infrastructure providers themselves. Fortunately, BluVector is particularly well-suited to protect these difficult-to-secure Industrial Control System and SCADA-based environments with its network-based and easily deployable approach.

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The healthcare industry has become an attractive and common target for criminals seeking personal medical records and financial gain. While the digitization of records has improved efficiency for healthcare providers, it has left them susceptible to data exfiltration and ransomware campaigns. Furthermore, hospitals and other healthcare facilities often lack the sophistication or resources required to appropriately protect their complex environments.

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