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Critical Infrastructure



Cyber-attacks against critical Infrastructure (CI) are growing in regularity. From energy providers to manufacturing to transportation — every organization in the CI sector are seeing cyber-attacks from state-based actors, cyber terrorists and organized crime. With different goals, these actors bring the risk or impact to Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Distributed Control Systems (DCS) networks which are the core of operations. Protecting these systems before they are impacted is crucial as any changes to their operation can result in a massive impact.

How Does BluVector Help

Deploying an out-of-band network threat sense and response solution can allow organizations to implement strong security without impacting their critical infrastructure networks. BluVector® Cortex™ utilizes advanced AI to sense and respond to known and advanced threats providing a non-invasive solution to attacks against the CI and business networks. With capabilities to detect file-based and fileless malware before it impacts the network, BluVector Cortex empowers pre-breach response to threats.

Solution Benefits

  • Detects threats against a range of OS attacks including Windows, Linux, MacOS and IoT.
  • Accurately identifies file-based zero-day and polymorphic malware with a patented, supervised machine learning engine.
  • Find fileless malware traversing the network in real-time using a speculative execution engine designed.
  • Deployed out-of-band, thereby having no impact on the network
  • Enhances the analysts’ speed of response, for one customers it was up to a 400% increase in analyst efficiency and time to respond.
  • Managed Service provides full turnkey maintenance and support, taking the operational load off of security teams.


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