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Attacks against finance institutions are still very profitable for cyber criminals. From financial trojans, to ransomware, to financial transaction exploitation, the range of potential attacks on financial services grows each year. Attackers look for any opportunity to enter an organization including smaller branch offices or parts of the organization that are perceived to have reduced security. Once an attacker is successful in compromising the network they require very little time to impact the target, both through theft of credentials and by the cost to the victim organization who now has to remediate and disclose the event.

How Does BluVector Help

BluVector® Cortex™ utilizes advanced AI to detect emerging threats to financial services on average, 13 months in advance. This allows financial services security professionals to sense attacks before they become incidents. BluVector Cortex is designed to accelerate response by bringing all the relevant context together and automating actions with other security solutions. The BluVector Cortex can be deployed across various sites through a combination of virtual and physical appliances, all controlled through a central manager.

Read the Case Study: International Bank of Commerce Detects Jaff Malware

Solution Benefit

  • Accurately identifies file-based zero-day and polymorphic malware with a patented, supervised machine learning engine.
  • Finds fileless malware traversing the network, in real-time with a speculative execution engine designed.
  • Detects threat pre-breach instead of post-breach, unlike other security offerings, including ransomware or destructive malware, before they cause an incident.
  • Enhances the analysts’ speed of response, for one customers it was up to a 400% increase in analyst efficiency and time to respond.
  • Managed Service provides full turnkey maintenance and support, taking the operational load off of security teams.


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