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Government security teams are at a disadvantage from a shortage of trained talent armed with the right capabilities to turn the crush of the threats. The most challenging cyber risk has been identified by the US Intelligence Community as the detection of unknown attacks, at wire speed, before a breach – without the ability to dialing out to an external cloud. Every day an avalanche of new, unknown malware threats appear in the wild and the federal government is a primary target.

How Does BluVector Help

Born within the Defense Industrial Base for protection of the federal government and its partners, BluVector® Cortex™ can be thought of as the next generation of Network Intrusion Detection Systems (NIDS) to sense and respond to sophisticated threats in real time, powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning and speculative execution. BluVector Cortex was specifically designed with the requirements and compliance mandate of federal installations in mind, including proper data handling, programmable interfaces to allow easy integration with other COTS and custom security tools and optimized to reduce load on the threat analyst.

Solution Benefit

  • A patented, supervised machine learning engine that accurately identifies file-based zero-day and polymorphic malware.
  • A speculative execution engine designed to find fileless malware traversing the network, in real-time.
  • A Targeted Logger that delivers context and visibility by pre-correlating and highlighting log entries associated. With all the related information in one place a security analysts time to respond is significantly reduced
  • Pre-built integration with major SIEM, EDR and firewall products to enable automated response. Simple APIs to allow creation of custom integration and orchestration.
  • Able to import intelligence from Threat Intel Platforms, major threat feeds or proprietary intel via STIX/TAXII, Suricata, Snort and Yara.
  • All analysis takes place on site by default, with no samples or intel being exposed outside the agency or organization. This allows operation in secure or air-gapped installations


After a rigorous application and due diligence process the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) granted BluVector (then known as Acuity Solutions, a Division of Northrop Grumman) a DHS SAFETY Act Designation in May 2016.

Deploying BluVector as part of an enterprise security ecosystem now includes a level of decreased risk due to this Designation, providing peace of mind relatively few security technologies can provide.

Procuring BluVector

GSA Schedule 70

Federal agencies looking to procure BluVector can do so via its GSA Schedule 70 contract.

Federal Partners

Agencies looking beyond the GSA Schedule, or through a task order request, can procure BluVector through its partners on NETCENTS-2 and SEWP.


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