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Healthcare providers must manage both patient health and credential data. They have also seen the introduction of many new health devices that connect to a hospitals networks but don’t have the traditional defenses of business systems. In 2016, healthcare was seen at the top industry for cyber attack according to IBM’s “2016 Cyber Security Intelligence Index. In 2017, the healthcare industry saw new attacks impacting hospitals and health providers including ransomware, which impacted access to patient data, as well as full breaches resulting in the theft of patient data and credentials. With the regulations, including HIPAA, which healthcare providers are under around patient data, these attacks were costly both because of the impact of the attack and the impact of the breach of compliance. 

How Does BluVector Help 

Detecting unknown and known threats through advanced AI, BluVector® Cortex™ allows healthcare providers to sense attacks before they become incidents. BluVector Cortex is designed to accelerate response by bringing all the relevant context together and automating actions with other security solutions. BluVector Cortex can be deployed across various sites through a combination of virtual and physical appliances, all controlled through a central manager.  

Solution Benefit 

  • BluVector Cortex has the proven ability to protect against emerging threats on average of 13 months in advance.
  • By detecting pre-breach instead of post-breach, like many other security offerings, threats like ransomware or destructive malware are stopped before they become an incident.
  • Enhances the Analysts speed of response, for one customers it was up to a 400% increase in analyst efficiency and time to respond.
  • BluVector® Pulse™ provides full turnkey maintenance and support, taking the operational load off of security teams.


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