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With the access that law firms have to confidential information and the perceived capital available from law firms, they are a prime target for cyber threats. Two major events in 2017 included the June, the Petya ransomware breach that hit DLA Piper and the October disclosure by Appleby of its longtime compromise. With EU GDPR breach starting enforcement in May 2018, this only adds an additional impact to firms with European clients who are affected by a breach. 

How Does BluVector Help 

Getting ahead of the breach, through advanced AI can allow a law firm to prevent an attack from becoming an incident. BluVector® Cortex™ can be thought of as the next generation of Network Intrusion Detection Systems (NIDS) to sense and respond to sophisticated threats in real time, powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning and speculative execution.

Solution Benefit 

  • BluVector Cortex has the proven ability to protect against emerging threats on average of 13 months in advance.
  • By detecting pre-breach instead of post-breach, like many other security offerings, threats like ransomware or destructive malware are stopped before they become an incident
  • Enhances the Analysts speed of response, for one customer it was up to a 400% increase in analyst efficiency and time to respond.
  • Managed Service provides full turnkey maintenance and support, taking the operational load off of security teams.


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