BluVector Launches Automated Threat Hunting Solution

NDR Cloud-based SaaS Solution Empowers Cyber Security Teams to Take the Leap from Passive Detection to Active Threat Hunting

BluVector, a leader in network security and a Comcast company, today announced the release of its full network detection and response (NDR) solution, Automated Threat Hunting (ATH).

ARLINGTON, VA. August 9, 2022BluVector, a leader in network security and a Comcast company, today announced the release of its full network detection and response (NDR) solution, Automated Threat Hunting (ATH). ATH is a cloud-based SaaS offering that maximizes the latest artificial intelligence (AI) to transform the threat hunting process. BluVector’s newest offering empowers cyber security teams to pivot from passive, reactive defense to proactive threat hunting. Whether leveraging BluVector network sensors or organizations existing cyber security data sources, ATH helps Security Operations Center (SOC) teams hunt down threats as soon as they enter the network. BluVector announced ATH at Black Hat and is offering attendees a free 60 day trial.

Today, network security includes the network, public or private clouds, endpoints, servers, users and applications. Traffic from all these systems must pass over the network but analyzing endpoint data and security tool logs is not enough. BluVector’s NDR solution with ATH simultaneously monitors the entire network, IoT devices, SaaS applications and user behavior – enabling real-time response and responding to zero-day threats.

BluVector’s ATH solution also helps reduce false positives that take critical time away from SOC teams detecting and verifying real threats. ATH’s robust analytic framework incorporates years of threat detection and hunting expertise, resulting in superior detection and automated alert triage. ATH’s unique approach to alert management and intelligent risk scoring simplifies the entire prioritization process and drives out the “noise” that wastes SOC analyst’s time.  Finally, with ATH’s streaming log processing architecture, all data can be collected, processed and analyzed.

“ATH starts by detecting the network behaviors advanced threats rely on. But instead of bloating event queues, it turns the queue on its head and eliminates busy work that gets in the way of critical insight. Our approach extends to your existing network, user, and endpoint data, bringing clarity and opening new doors for investigation,” said Scott Miserendino, General Manager and Vice President of Engineering for BluVector, a Comcast Company. “With ATH, the computers do what they do best, so the professionals can focus on the hunt.”

BluVector ATH provides the following features:

  • Advanced Network Analytics
    • Detect the behaviors adversaries rely on, such as C2 signals
    • Scan network data as it comes in and save what you need, without having to query
  • Users and Host Tracking
    • Track risk by users and hosts, and focus on those of greatest concern
    • Consolidate thousands of alerts into dozens of cases to review
    • Highlight unusual activity and automatically tune out noise
    • See the state of your network at any prior moment in time
    • Make sense of user, network, and endpoint data
  • Multi-Stage Visualization
    • See visualizations of multi-stage activity evolve over time and across multiple entities
    • Evaluate potential campaigns by interpreting many individual detections through one view
  • Flexible Deployment Options
    • Support overlapping IP-ranges or managed clients with multi-tenancy
    • Install as an on-premise appliance, or use BluVector’s cloud SaaS offering
    • Seamlessly integrate with BluVector’s ATD Network Sensor
    • Use ATH as a data broker to transform and funnel data

To learn even more about BluVector ATH’s specific solution benefits, download our data sheet.

For those organizations with special on-premise, air-gapped or GovCloud-only requirements, BluVector offers alternative ATH consumption and deployment models to meet organizations’ needs. Organizations interested in learning how BluVector’s Automated Threat Hunting NDR SaaS solution can improve their threat detection and pivot their network security operations from reactive to proactive should request a product demo at Those requesting demos prior to September 1, 2022 are eligible for a no-cost product trial and “first mover” discount on their final purchase. 

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