BluVector Wins U.S. Cyber Command Competition

Company’s AI-powered technology and team tops elite competition by quickly and accurately identifying malware threats

ARLINGTON– July 29, 2019 – BluVector announced today that it won DreamPort’s rapid prototyping event (RPE), in May 2019.

Dubbed “RPE-005: The Chameleons and the Snakes,” the competition gave teams a specific detection challenge for a set period of time in a realistic, competitive neutral environment with unclassified sample malware families. DreamPort is a cyber innovation and collaboration center created by U.S. Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) through a Partnership Intermediary Agreement awarded to the Maryland Innovation and Security Institute (MISI).

This event focused on the introduction and detection of malware signature diversity in a simulated USCYBERCOM cyber battlefield environment. Defender teams competed by creating tools to automate the classification of threats as benign or malicious. After several rounds, BluVector received the best combined performance scores as scored by USCYBERCOM.

BluVector’s next-generation intrusion detection system, powered by its leading-edge machine learning technology, helped the team to identify the file types more accurately than any other competing team. By looking at the content of a file for characteristics that represent good or malicious software, BluVector is able to accurately identify attributes of files designed to perform the functions typical of malware.

“When we’re dealing with malware and its potential to disrupt operations and damage organizations, accuracy and speed matter,” BluVector chief technology officer, Travis Rosiek said. “BluVector has more than a decade invested in our machine learning technology, which is reflected in winning this prestigious challenge.”

BluVector became part of Comcast in March 2019. The company will be showing its BluVector Cortex product at several upcoming events including Black Hat 2019 (August 3-8), DoDIIS (August 18-21), TechNet Augusta (August 19-23) and DSEI 2019 (September 10-13).

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