BluVector’s New OEM Partner Program Unleashes Machine Learning and Speculative Code Execution Detection Engines

Next-generation security analytics and services make it possible for security providers, hardware manufacturers and cloud providers to radically improve existing cyber threat detection capabilities. 

Arlington, Va.—December 14, 2017—With significant investment in its partner program to help organizations defend against the latest and most sophisticated cyber attacks, BluVector, a leader in next-generation network intrusion detection, today launched its OEM partner program. The program delivers next-generation security analytics to help customers detect emerging file-based and fileless malware.

BluVector’s security analytics OEM offering enables partners to embed BluVector’s patented machine learning and speculative code execution engines into their solutions. BluVector’s second OEM offering, BluVector-as-a-Service (BVaaS), is designed for managed security service providers (MSSP) who wish to quickly and cost-effectively deliver managed detection and response services. Combined, BluVector’s new programs and commitment to its partners put the latest threat detection capabilities into the hands of security professionals.

“A strong commitment to our partners benefits everyone, particularly security professionals who are facing increasingly destructive cyber attacks,” said Kris Lovejoy, chief executive officer of BluVector. “As a company that has been developing its machine learning analytics for more than eight years, BluVector is uniquely positioned to bring its core technologies to a broader set of partners. The more closely we can work with and support our partners, the more effectively we can deliver capabilities to the practitioner who needs it most.”

BluVector Security Analytics OEM
Whether an endpoint security provider, managed services vendor, hardware manufacturer or cloud provider, today’s cybersecurity challenge is to assure that products and services natively incorporate robust protections. BluVector’s OEM partner program delivers next-generation security analytics that make it possible to radically improve existing cyber threat detection capabilities.

Through a decade of U.S. intelligence community-sponsored research, BluVector has developed two revolutionary detection technologies, which are replacing signatures with self-evolving machine learning and speculative execution.  These next-generation security analytics enable detection of file and fileless malware that routinely subverts legacy products like anti-virus, sandboxes and anomaly-based detection.

  • Machine Learning Engine (MLE) is a patented, supervised machine learning engine (U.S. Patent 9,665,713) that accurately identifies zero-day and polymorphic malware in files.
  • Speculative Code Execution (SCE) engine is the security market’s first network emulation analytic specifically designed to detect fileless malware in real time as it traverses the network.

BluVector-as-a-Service provides a turnkey capability to those managed service providers who wish to offer managed detection and response services to their customer ecosystem. The offering includes an advanced network threat monitoring, advanced malware analysis, and 24×7 priority event alert services. By taking away the infrastructure and onboarding costs, and radically increasing time-to-market, a broader set of partners will be able to deliver leading-edge cyber protections across the globe.

“As an MSSP, we are excited to be able to add state of the art detection and response capabilities of BluVector to our current offerings to our customers, without the need for costly and time consuming creation of these processes,” said Mauricio Nanne, president and CEO, SISAP. “We are confident that our clients’ security will be greatly enhanced immediately, being able to detect and respond to otherwise unknown threats.”

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Micheal Mullen currently serves as Senior Product Marketing Manager at BluVector. Previously, he’s authored or edited content on sites including Metalogix, ZD Net, Deltek, The Washington Post and L-3 Communications.

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