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Help Clients Stay Ahead of the Threat

Whether you are an existing endpoint security provider, managed services vendor, hardware manufacturer, or cloud provider, the challenge in front of you is to help your customers stay ahead of the threat. BluVector’s OEM partner program delivers next generation security analytics and services that make it possible to radically improve existing cyber threat detection capabilities.

Security Analytics

Through a decade of US Intelligence Community-sponsored research, BluVector has developed two revolutionary detection technologies, replacing signatures with self-evolving machine learning and speculative execution. These next-generation security analytics deliver the leading edge in network-based detection of file-based and fileless malware designed to avoid anti-virus, mask malicious behaviors in sandbox detection and subvert traditional network defenses.


BluVector-as-a-Service (BVaaS) provides a turnkey offering for Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and Managed Service Providers (MSP) to help reduce costs and increase time to market for organizations looking to deliver advanced network threat monitoring, advanced malware analysis, and 24×7 priority event alert services.


Supervised Machine Learning Engine for the Detection of Malicious Files

BluVector’s Machine Learning Engine (MLE) is a patented, supervised machine learning engine, which was developed within the defense and intelligence community to accurately detect zero-day and polymorphic malware in files in real time. Unlike unsupervised machine learning which is leveraged by most security vendors today, BluVector MLE algorithms were pre-trained to immediately identify malicious content embedded within common file formats like office documents, archives, executables, .pdf, and system updates. The result, 99.1%+ detection accuracy upon installation.

Speculative Code Execution Engine for the Detection of Fileless Malware

BluVector’s Speculative Code Execution (SCE) Engine is the security market’s first analytic specifically designed to detect fileless malware as it traverses the network by emulating how the malware will behave when it is executed. Operating at line speeds, SCE determines what an input can do if executed and to what extent these behaviors might initiate a security breach. By covering all potential execution chains and focusing on malicious capacity rather than malicious behavior, the analytic technology vastly reduces the number of execution environments and the quantity of analytic results that must be investigated. The result, 99%+ detection accuracy of this otherwise “invisible” threat.


BluVector-as-a-Service (BVaaS) provides a turnkey capability to those Managed Service Providers (MSP) who wish to offer Managed Detection and Response services to their customer ecosystem. The offering includes advanced network threat monitoring, advanced malware analysis, and 24×7 priority event alert services. By taking away the infrastructure and onboarding costs, and radically increasing time to market, a broader set of partners will be able to deliver leading edge cyber protections to their customers across the globe.

Partner Benefits

  • Best-of-breed security analytics developed for U.S. Intelligence and Defense
  • 99%+ detection accuracy out-of-the-box
  • No signatures to maintain
  • No agents or management overhead
  • Speeds time to market
  • Enables delivery of highly differentiated technology to customer
  • Substantial incremental revenue opportunity, with a negligible cost of entry, and high margin day one
  • Access to sales resources and solution documentation

By Industry

Security Product Vendors – Leading security product and service vendors can now integrate BluVector’s machine learning based analytics for file-based and fileless malware detection directly into their offerings.

Managed Service Providers – Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can now easily offer Managed Detection and Response Services atop the BluVector Next Generation Intrusion Detection System (NG-IDS) platform.

Device / IoT – As more connected systems come online, BluVector OEM gives partners a powerful and versatile suite of malware detection solutions to enable automakers, mass transportation providers, healthcare professionals, critical infrastructure teams and manufacturing experts to design cybersecurity into their platforms from the ground-up.


Proven Effectiveness

Maximizing Productivity, Minimizing TTD

BluVector outperformed the vendor average by more than 18%, making its detection capability among the highest on the market.

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