BluVector Overview

Network Security Monitoring & Analytics

Detect and respond with Confidence

Moving Detection Back to the Edge

BluVector delivers intrusion detection for advancing threats, powered by a self-adapting form of machine-learning.

BluVector and Machine Learning


Signature / Rules / Pattern Engine

GOAL: Match an explicit string within a given data set.
USE CASE: Known virus, IOC detection


Unsupervised Machine Learning

GOAL: Find unusual patterns/behaviors within unlabeled data sets by clustering like data and identifying outliers.
USE CASE: Unusual communication between hosts


Supervised Machine Learning

GOAL: Predict the right answer based on exposure to training data.
USE CASE: Zero Day/ Polymorphic Threat Detection


Proven Effectiveness

BluVector outperformed the vendor average by more than 18%, making its detection capability among the highest on the market.

Proven Results

without BluVector with BluVector
20 Hours per incident
4 Hours per incident
~$1740 per incident ~$348 per incident

Detection Rate

Detection of 1 new targeted/variant threat every 2 days (est. 620 advanced threats evade current tools annually)

in Productivity
(5:1 FTE Ratio)

BluVector Awarded SAFETY Act Designation

After a rigorous application and due diligence process the U.S. Department of Homeland Security granted BluVector a DHS SAFETY Act Designation in May 2016. Deploying BluVector as part of an enterprise security ecosystem now includes a level of decreased risk due to this Designation, providing peace of mind relatively few security technologies can provide.

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