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BluVector Overview

Get Ahead of the Threat

Don’t just respond to breaches. Get ahead of advanced threats with BluVector’s patented and proven machine learning technology.

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AI-driven Sense and Respond Platform for Network Security.

BluVector is revolutionizing network security with state-of-the-art AI, sensing and responding to the world’s most sophisticated threats in real time. With the unmatched advantage of 8 years of work with the US Intel community and their threat data, only BluVector has the proven ability to protect against emerging threats on average 13 months in advance. Stop waiting for breaches to happen. Get ahead of the threat.

Threat Category Legacy Network Security BluVector
C2 Detection
Fileless Malware – Known threat
File-Based Malware – Known threat
Fileless Malware – Unknown threat
File-Based Malware – Unknown threat
Credential & Password Compromise
Insider Threats
XSS, SQL Injections
Brute Force Scanning

Patented Zero-Day Detection

In 2017, BluVector was issued the patent for “System and Method for Automated Machine Learning, Zero-day Malware Detection” (U.S. Patent 9,665,713). BluVector is the first company to obtain this type of patent in the cybersecurity industry.

Proven Zero-Day Protection

BluVector has the ability to detect even the most elusive threats an average of 13 months before the signature was written.

Earlier Detection in the Kill Chain


Proven Effectiveness

Maximizing Productivity, Minimizing TTD

BluVector outperformed the vendor average by more than 18%, making its detection capability among the highest on the market.

Outperforming the Competition

without BluVector with BluVector
20 Hours per incident
4 Hours per incident
~$1740 per incident ~$348 per incident
in Productivity
(5:1 FTE Ratio)

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