We detect threats that

others don’t.

Image module

With our patented AI, you gain the capability to detect new and novel fileless malware and Zero-Day threats in milliseconds.

Leverage network detection for broad threat coverage.

Speculative Code Execution
Detect elusive fileless attacks that fly under the radar of other detection engines.
Machine Learning Engine
Find Zero-Day threats and polymorphic malware that aren’t on the registries yet.
In situ Learning
Experience how your data becomes more intelligent and efficient as it works in your environment.

Work with better information.

Reduce the amount of data your team has to sift through.
Evaluate and flag content as an anchor for filtering and
correlating network traffic metadata generated by Zeek.

Broad MITRE ATT&CK® Coverage
Find threats and vulnerabilities faster. Detect at speed and scale.
From alert fatigue to alert confidence
Gain the ability to see Zero Day and fileless malware attacks right to the point of breach and increase your speed to resolution.
Signatureless Detection
Our supervised machine learning works without feedback and doesn’t rely on signatures to do the detection.

The most valuable tool in an integrated solution. 

We work with the other products in your stack to overcome vendor lock-in and give you best-in-breed security.

ATD includes its own defense in depth stack that you can use with other tools and customize.
Open Platform
No black boxes. Your data is fully accessible, on premises, for post processing needs.
Built on top of Suricata and Zeek, we seamlessly integrate with 3rd party solutions, multiple threat intel feeds, and sandboxes.

Your stack is 95% effective.  How does 99% sound?

That 4% makes a world of difference. We’ll work with you to create a system that recognizes when something doesn’t look right and shows you what to do.

Targeted Logger
We capture all network traffic before and after an attack. No need to collect the logs and join the dots. We do it for you.
Remove pivot tables from your workflow. Do complex data analysis across huge datasets in seconds.
Tuning Assistant
Reduce false positives and get maximum coverage with your signature set.