A flexible platform for your security journey. 

BluVector’s suite of products is the total package. We provide a customized offering that lets you utilize all our capabilities to suit your organization’s needs precisely. 

Go from reactive to proactive. Our Products take you from merely responding to alerts to intelligently hunting down unknown threats.

Customizable & Configurable
Choose your BluVector products individually to create customized solutions for the problems you want to solve.
Increase Speed to Resolution
Combine the power of multiple BluVector products to drop your dwell time and significantly improve your MTTR.
Mature Your SOC
Depend on our solution for full-fledged alert triage and increase coverage across the entire cyber kill chain.

Ensure your kill chain coverage.

Once you’re getting good visibility, do you opt for detection or hunting? Advanced Threat Detection moves you up the chain with content analysis, traffic analysis, and threat hunting capability. But you still have to join the dots manually. Having both Advanced Threat Detection and Advanced Threat Hunting delivers a best-in-class set of automated cybersecurity tools.

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Evolving threats are more than just headlines.

Hype without understanding is just clickbait. The BluVector team works to help you make sense of the current environment and put trends into context.