You can’t protect what you can’t see.

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BluVector Visibility allows you to reduce false positives and alert fatigue so your team can focus on real attacks.

Get the upper hand with active directory, malware detection, and sandboxing.

Active Directory Visibility
You need user level, not just device level, visibility. Don’t accept being limited to network data parameters.
Real-time Malware Detection
Get the greatest breadth of fileless malware coverage that detects straight out of the box with no file hash limits.
Robust Sandboxing
Reduce false positives. Our proprietary 
Dynamic Malware Analysis in the Cloud (DMAC) feature integrates with Cuckoo Sandbox, FireEye, and LastLine.

Underspend. Overperform. Collect the right amount of data.

Some security teams choose to build their Zeek tools in-house.

Many fail. Others find the development and maintenance cost  prohibitively expensive.

B2V bundles and packages it for you. We’ve tested and done the troubleshooting

for you so you can deploy network visibility at scale.

SIEM/SOAR Integration
Our box plays nice with your system to provide the right info at the right time.
Better Visibility into
East West traffic
Identity is the new perimeter. These days, attackers don’t break in, they log in.
SSL Fingerprinting
Advanced capabilities enable fingerprinting the initial TLS handshake and provide detailed insights.

Five minutes from detection to containment for what we call our defense against destructive malware.

– CISO Fortune 1000 Manufacturing Company with over 60K endpoints and a complex network

Identify threats in milliseconds.

Get full visibility into all network event traffic in real-time. By analyzing all network data, presenting analysts with comprehensive insight, and operating at network wire-speed, BluVector equips network defense teams to react to threat actors at the delivery or pre-breach stage of the kill chain.

Broad MITRE ATT&CK® Coverage
Find threats and vulnerabilities faster. Detect at speed and scale.
Streamline Threat Investigations
Build queries and help speed up investigations with our unique analytic capabilities.
Detection At Line Speed & Scale
Run Zeek and Suricata at line speed, up to 400 Mbps in a single appliance.

Chasing false positives is nobody’s dream job. 

Prevent your analysts from drowning in data. Conserve data center resources and give your people the ability to mitigate threats quickly and efficiently.

SOC Workload Reduction
Stop threats from spreading and save time on clean-up with early alerts.
Return on Investment
Improve analyst efficiency by 400%. Source: Splunk integration guide
Free up Rack Space
Combine the full functionality of Zeek, Suricata, ClamAV, Yara, and Heuristic URL Interpreter (HURI) along with threat intel feeds in a single appliance.
Tuning Assistant
Reduce false positives and get maximum coverage with your signature set.
Centralized Management
Gain a significant advantage over Zeek with centralized logging.
Highly Configurable
Drill down under the hood to see the logic and build appropriate rules for your organization.