BluVector IRIS

BluVector® IRIS™



Visibility of cyber threats across the entire network

BluVector IRIS is an add-on component to BluVector Cortex, extending the platform’s market-leading AI-driven network threat detection to provide even greater visibility to traffic and threats originating from inside the network. The combined solution analyzes more than a thousand network protocols for potentially malicious events and performs file-based and fileless threat detection and behavioral analysis on all communications. Through these engines, the platform can quickly detect activity that represents an attack against the network, a compromised host or insider activity. Once a threat is detected, BluVector IRIS utilizes historical records of the network traffic to construct a view of the entire cyber threat kill chain leading up to the event.

Inside BluVector IRIS

  • Network Visibility – Lightweight software sensors are deployed deep within the network to monitor and record east/west network communication. Records of each transaction allow BluVector IRIS to offer a comprehensive view of an event.
  • Behavioral Analysis – Performing behavioral analysis on each network-related communication, BluVector IRIS is able to quickly detect anomalous network behaviors that are the result of post-breach activity or insider threats.
  • Contextualized Detection – BluVector IRIS combines external threat intelligence with details about users, systems and network traffic patterns to continuously refine the detection engines.
  • Kill Chain Coverage – BluVector IRIS joins with BluVector Cortex to offer the only suite on the market that delivers coverage across the entire kill chain.

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