Instantly Leverage the Next-Generation
Intrusion Detection System

By combining BluVector® Cortex™’s next-generation Intrusion Detection System with 24×7 management from highly skilled threat analysts, BluVector takes on the burden of network-based detection, analysis and triage of advanced malware and fileless (in-memory) attacks, enabling your security team to focus on what matters most – responding to legitimate security attacks.

BluVector’s managed security service provides skilled analysts to manage the BluVector Cortex platform. Offering continuous detection, analysis and triage of sophisticated threats in real time, the managed service allows your organization to get ahead of the threat.

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High Priority Event Escalation

  • Email/phone call escalation of malicious or highly suspicious events
  • Continued investigation follow up and support

Performance Optimization

  • Proactive rules tuning and classifier retraining to enhance detection efficacy
  • Integration of new 3rd party products and importing of intelligence feeds

24/7 Expert Analysis

  • AI-based detection of advanced threats on the network
  • Suspicious alerts are evaluated and adjudicated as trusted, malicious or for review
  • Built-in orchestration for response to alerts confirmed as malicious

Advanced Reporting

  • Executive and board level reporting and visualization of events and incident response resolution results
  • Analysis on overall security events and trends


  • Gain a higher level of cyber-readiness in less time, with less cost
  • Shift responsibility for time-consuming detection, analysis, and triage tasks, so you can focus your team on high-value strategic initiatives
  • Utilize sensors located inside your network, ensuring no sensitive data ever leaves your organization’s premises
  • Maintain 24×7 security without requiring on-call personnel in-house.

The BluVector Managed Services Difference

Event Analysis

Experienced cybersecurity analysts review each cybersecurity event, which results in minimizing the number of false-positive notifications. This system allows your analysts to focus on actionable events.

Identifying Fileless, or In-Memory Malware Attacks on the Network.

Based on BluVector Cortex, the only network-based solution capable of identifying fileless, or in-memory malware attacks on the network.

Network Intelligence Lookup

Threat intelligence lookup on network-, file- and script-level indicators of compromise.

Malware Reverse Engineering

Access to expert malware reverse engineers. Ability to submit suspicious content, including executables, documents, archives, and scripts, for in-depth analysis.

Instantly Leverage the Latest in AI-driven Network Security

High Priority Event Escalation

Take advantage of BluVector’s prioritized event notifications and follow-up investigation and support.

24×7 Expert Analysis

BluVector’s elite security team delivers seamless threat detection, analysis and triage on top of the award-winning BluVector Cortex platform.

Performance Optimization

Get the most out of BluVector Cortex and your existing infrastructure with proactive rules tuning, classifier retraining and integration assistance

Advanced Reporting

Receive comprehensive executive- and board-level reports, highlighting network trends and resolution results.