BluVector Pulse

BluVector® Pulse™




for BluVector® Cortex™

Secure Your Network with Ease

BluVector Pulse delivers a fully turnkey sense and respond platform, automating the health and heartbeat monitoring and device management of the market-leading BluVector Cortex offering.

Tailored Defense

With BluVector Pulse, your system will receive proactive tuning to further optimize product performance for your specific network profile. Upon customer request, our team can also make changes to the system configuration to integrate new third-party products, import intel feeds or perform other system tuning.

Continuous Protection

BluVector Cortex can be up and running within 30 minutes, but with BluVector Pulse, your team can take advantage of our customized deployment strategies and ongoing device status monitoring, ensuring your security never misses a beat.

Seamless Innovation

As BluVector continues to deliver new state-of-the-art product features, our team will manage all updates and upgrades to the BluVector Cortex systems, allowing your organization to remain on the forefront of security.

Partner Friendly

With BluVector Pulse, customers can seamlessly work with existing or new partners for their managed triage and remediation services. The automated device management capabilities enable a partner to quickly get up and running on the system, freeing up time and resources and allowing them to focus their time on triage and remediation.


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