Purpose Built Network Visibility

Sandboxes and Firewalls are essential components of a layered cyber defense – but are not designed/optimized to provide visibility/detection.

It’s like using your car’s tachometer to measure speed – or its odometer to determine how much gas is in your tank.

Modern-day networks are complex and challenging to monitor without dedicated visibility tools.

True Full Visibility
BluVector provides full network visibility, even for the most complex hybrid configurations.

Sandboxes require downsampling – without providing visibility about how the selection was made (hampers breach investigations), nor are they fast enough to protect a network. More and more malware is explicitly engineered to avoid sandbox detection.

Maximise Your Sandbox Utilization

With BluVector, potentially weaponized files are flagged for immediate attention. Sandbox analysis serves a confirmatory role – not the first line of defense.

SOCs need critical insights into the network to enable monitoring, incidence response, and threat hunting. Organizations that rely on firewalls and sandboxes for visibility are detection are overpaying for inferior performance.

Positioned for High Performance
BluVector sits behind the firewall and provides full network visibility capabilities. We also provide a sandbox to support threat analysis and hunting.

BluVector in the public sphere

BluVector deepens your knowledge of the current environment and prepares you to succeed in the future landscape.


The attack is inevitable. The outcome is up to you.

Our products match the scale and maturity of your network, are engineered to find the threats others can’t, and accelerate your response.

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Network visibility lets you discover the full extent of a cyberattack.

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Catch bad actors on the “way in” with over 40 content-specific, supervised machine-learning classifiers.

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Hunt down threats faster with less data, richer insights, and fewer false positives.

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