Ransomware / Destructive Malware Detection and Early Warning (DEW Line)

Ransomware and destructive malware are essentially the same. The only difference is the motivation of the attacker.

The pain from a ransomware or destructive malware attack increases with the amount of time attackers dwell undetected in your network.

“Rinse-and-repeat” ransomware and destructive malware can evade signature-based detection – just one successful evasion is enough. Targeted attacks will bypass any signature-based detection almost every time.

Beyond Signatures
BluVector looks beyond signatures to identify potential malware (even polymorphic malware) as it enters your network.

Weaponized files can lay idle in a system for months – until they are activated and picked up by anomaly detection – by then – C2 has been installed, and it’s already too late.

Reduced Dwell Time
BluVector catches ransomware/destructive malware earlier in the kill chain so you can stop an attack before it’s too late (e.g., at delivery or during recon).

More and more attacks are coordinated across multiple targets – wreaking havoc before intelligence can be shared. Too often, first alerts come from 3rd parties (e.g., threat intelligence) or ransom notes when It’s too late.

Detect Novel Threats

BluVector’s machine learning engine can catch malware before they are even released into the wild. See how we back test our detection capabilities using samples of the most heinous novel threats [link to threat reports]

Paying ransoms is counterproductive – bad actors may not have the intent or the capability to restore your data entirely. Ransom payments become capital for future ransomware ventures.

Prevention Over Reaction

It’s better to prevent the problem than try to solve it.

BluVector in the public sphere

BluVector deepens your knowledge of the current environment and prepares you to succeed in the future landscape.


The attack is inevitable. The outcome is up to you.

Our products match the scale and maturity of your network, are engineered to find the threats others can’t, and accelerate your response.

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Network visibility lets you discover the full extent of a cyberattack.

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Catch bad actors on the “way in” with over 40 content-specific, supervised machine-learning classifiers.

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Hunt down threats faster with less data, richer insights, and fewer false positives.

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