Ready to Change the Cybersecurity Game?

Ready to Change the Cybersecurity Game?

Time to declare game over in the cybersecurity game

Cyber threats are simply evolving faster than the solutions created to prevent them. Left vulnerable, organizations are often forced to clean up the aftermath of a breach, a major hack or ransomware. Cybersecurity threats that can completely disrupt both your productivity and your credibility.

Fighting these threats can feel like a game that’s smarter than you. For every step forward, the game presents new surprises, zero day threats that offer new challenges for spreading through your network, exfiltrating data or encrypting mission critical or highly sensitive data.

IT teams have a variety of coping mechanisms to deal with the increasingly harder security game. They can enact draconian security standards and double down on managing user permissions through the use of least privilege. Actions that come with the potential of decreasing productivity. Or they try to imagine how hackers might break into their networks. Again, the hackers on the other side, just ahead of your game.

The solution isn’t an extra life in a game but a change in the game altogether. BluVector’s supervised machine learning engine doesn’t simply find today’s cyber threats, it learns to find new ones without prior knowledge. With no need for crucial signature files to help you identify known and understood threats.

After over eight years of training, we’ve taught BluVector to not simply play a cybersecurity game but to learn to play against the opponents you’ll face in the future. BluVector makes IT teams smarter by working with the monitoring solutions they’re already using but with greatly enhanced threat intelligence.

So stop playing the cybersecurity game and declare Game Over. Find out how we see the game, how hackers are using new tactics and learn how to win. Request a demo to see how BluVector can integrate with your existing monitoring soluton and greatly enhance your threat detection. Because you don’t want just anyone playing in your network.

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