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Next-Generation Network Detection and Response

Accurately and efficiently detect, triage and respond to threats including ransomware, fileless malware and zero-day malware in real-time.

BluVector Advanced Threat Detection is transforming how security teams detect, triage and respond to security events.

Born to leverage machine learning for advanced threat detection, BluVector has invested over nine years developing our next-generation NDR, BluVector Advanced Threat Detection.

Backed by Comcast, our advanced threat detection solution empowers security teams to get real answers about real threats, allowing businesses and governments to operate with confidence that their data and systems are protected.

Customer Benefits

Gain the network visibility, intelligence and analytics to help protect your critical infrastructure.

Complete Coverage

Meets every enterprises' needs to protect mission-critical assets with flexible deployment options and broad network coverage.

Scalable Performance

Scale from remote offices up to the data center core with a modular hardware design or flexible VM deployments.

Fully Integrated

Operationalize the knowledge that BluVector Advanced Threat Detection generates via STIX/TAXII or directly with solutions including Splunk, Carbon Black, Symantec, IBM QRadar and CrowdStrike.

Improved Operational Cost

Reduce overhead costs while increasing operational efficiency by prioritizing actionable events with context.

Detection with Confidence

Decreases the volume of false positive alerts by giving security analysts quality indicators for real threats.

Visibility and Context

Adds the network visibility and context that analysts need on malicious events to successfully provide comprehensive threat coverage.

Born to leverage machine learning for advanced threat detection

Backed by Comcast, our next-generation intrusion detection system empowers security teams to get real answers about real threats, enabling businesses and governments to operate with full confidence that their data and systems are protected.


Advanced Threat Detection

Minimize the risk of destructive cyberattacks by detecting threats early in the kill chain.

Probabilistic Scoring

Derived from a series of formulas, hunt scores help prioritize analyst focus.

Targeted Logging and Search

Provides enriched and highlighted context around security events, enabling analysts to make decisions faster.

SMTP, HTTP, FTP and SMB Support

Analyzes traffic across a range of protocols on a single hardware or virtual appliance.

Low False Positive/Negative Rates

Reduces operational cost associated with chasing “ghosts."

Hunt Process Automation

Increases analyst efficiency with automated incident investigation and confirmation.

Cloud Email Support

Supports cloud email deployments of Office 365, Google and similar IMAP-based services.

Support for IPv4 and IPv6 Environments

Complies with IPv6 to support complex IoT environments.

Highly Extensible Ecosystem

An OpenAPI eases integration and orchestration with existing security infrastructure.

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Technical Advantages

Extensible Detection Architecture

The platform runs multiple advanced threat detection engines in parallel, ensuring that even the most sophisticated of attacks are identified. For more advanced users, on-board Docker containers ensure that custom analytics can be quickly added to the BluVector threat detection ecosystem.

High Performance and Scalability

Built to support the speed and performance requirements of the Defense, Intelligence and Commercial sectors, BluVector Advanced Threat Detection’s line rate analysis is effective for a wide variety of organizational sizes.

Business Benefits

Visibility into the Most Elusive of Attacks

Highly effective, next-generation network detection and response system utilizes artificial intelligence to detect the most elusive and destructive attacks, early in the cyber threat kill chain.

Delivers Immediate Value

Customers can expect to be operational on day one with an implementation time of less than 60 minutes.

Improves Analyst Efficiency

Security teams increase operational efficiency and reduce overhead by prioritizing actionable events, delivering the visibility and context needed to provide comprehensive threat coverage.

Catastrophic Cyberattacks

One of the first security solutions on the market to receive the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies (SAFETY) Act Designation.