Mature Cybersecurity Incident Response Requires Legal Advice

No IT person wants to call a lawyer after a breach–that’s why it’s smart to include them in your incident response playbook.

Enterprises know that they’re not equipped to handle a major breach. According to Forrester data in the new Mature Cybersecurity Incident Response Requires Legal Advice report released March 13, 2017, 66% of enterprise decision makers see improving their IR capabilities as a high or critical priority within the next 12 months. Yet, they’re missing one critical component in their planning response — a lawyer.

While the IT team can prepare for and respond to cyber attack activities, your legal team is a critical element in every mature incident response plan. Why? They’re trained to understand risk and liability, just like the IT department.

Including a lawyer within your IR planning helps with:

  • Creating an IR plan that decreases legal risk and liability.
    Building better legal defenses during audits or external inquires.
    Improving regulatory communications when required to report a breach.

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