Tools to Prevent Nation State and Cyber Criminals from Infiltrating Your Network from BluVector on Vimeo.

Fact:  Defense-grade cybersecurity technologies exist that prevent adversaries from infecting your network with malware. 

Up to 80% of cybersecurity budgets are still spent responding to attacks, not proactively defending against them. During this on-demand webinar, hear from some of today’s top experts and practitioners on how to leverage strategies and technologies to move away from the ‘detect and respond’ death-spiral towards a “predict and prevent” methodology which will dramatically increase your ability to defend against today’s hyper-evolving threat landscape.

You will learn:

  • The role that prevention-based technologies play as part of a layered security strategy.
  • Real-life case studies from executives who have deployed successful prevention-based technologies in their organization.
  • How machine learning is being used to achieve automation, efficiency, and effectiveness.

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