SC Media: Industry Innovator

BluVector's second consecutive callout by SC Media as an Industry Innovator summed up what we do nicely, "Last year we characterized BluVector as an on-the-wire hunting tool. The idea was that by being on the wire a measure of proactive hunting occurs before the malicious traffic even gets inside the enterprise and starts to do its damage. It turns out that in its current incarnation it is somewhat more than that." Download to see how we continued to innovate. 

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Feature Brief: BluVector Virtual Appliance

BluVector provides a Next Generation Network Intrusion Detection System (NG-NIDS) in multiple hardware and software form factors to meet the cybersecurity needs of organizations of all sizes and network configurations. Clients can choose from appliance-based …

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Market Brief: Law Firms Are a Top Target

Law firms and contract lawyers have become ripe targets as they have continued access to sensitive information in the form of contracts and correspondence. Law firms have been warned in recent years that their systems have been attacked and that the attacks will likely escalate and intensify. 

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BluVector 3.0 Overview

With the release of BluVector 3.0, customers now have the ability to detect the “invisible threat” – fileless malware – with the market’s first and only network based Speculative Code Execution engine. Additional features offer a range of capabilities including VM support, enhanced reporting and visualizations, as well as a redesigned central management capability that provides both mid-market and enterprise customers to expand visibility deeper inside their network.

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Feature Brief: Fileless Malware Detection

Fileless malware, also called the invisible threat, is particularly hard to detect because it resides in system RAM and exploits authorized system and administrative tools in ways that elude whitelisting and other common mitigation strategies.

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Feature Brief: Targeted Logging

The process of forensic analysis can be a tedious one, at best. Generally, an analyst must collect all logs surrounding an event and use a set of scripts and queries to identify those entries which are relevant to the investigation. Starting with version 3.0, BluVector has enhanced its targeted logging function to go beyond the collection and correlation of relevant network log entries (the HTTP header, HTTP log, DNS log, etc.)

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BluVector Technical Datasheet

For teams that are curious how the BluVector appliance will fit into their infrastructure, the BluVector technical datasheet provides information that includes: Typical Deployment Architecture, Product Specifications, Included Accessories and Mounting Specifics.

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