Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionize Cybersecurity

Security vendors are inundating CISOs with products purporting to use artificial intelligence to dramatically improve the accuracy and speed of both threat detection and response. However, much of this messaging is confusing, even misleading. How do you know fact from fiction from enthusiastic marketing? S&R pros should read this Forrester report to understand what is really possible with AI today to take cybersecurity efforts to the next level.

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Dealing with Ransomware: Simple Lessons You Must Learn From WannaCry

The healthcare industry, like many others, needs to re-examine its threat awareness, network vulnerabilities and malware preparedness. To help, we’re giving you free access to a piece by Gartner called “Simple Lessons You Must Learn From WannaCry.”

WannaCry is just one example in the continuing evolution of malware threats that recently devastated healthcare organizations, causing many IT teams to make a difficult choice, “Do we pay the ransom?

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BluVector Targets Growing Memory-Based Malware Threat with Real-Time Detection

In July 2017, advanced threat detection startup BluVector augmented its machine learning-based analytics engine to detect memory-based attacks in real time. This means the BluVector Network Security Monitoring and Analytics platform leverages a new network emulation technique to identify a broader spectrum of attacks coming from both malicious files and embedded file attacks executed in memory.

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