SC Media: Industry Innovator

BluVector's second consecutive callout by SC Media as an Industry Innovator summed up what we do nicely, "Last year we characterized BluVector as an on-the-wire hunting tool. The idea was that by being on the wire a measure of proactive hunting occurs before the malicious traffic even gets inside the enterprise and starts to do its damage. It turns out that in its current incarnation it is somewhat more than that." Download to see how we continued to innovate. 

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BluVector New HQ Ribbon Cutting Event

On September 19th, BluVector opened the doors to its new HQ in Arlington, Virginia with the help of BluVector CEO Kris Lovejoy, Arlington County Board chair Jay Fisette, Virginia Secretary of Technology Karen Jackson and Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe.

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BluVector Targets Growing Memory-Based Malware Threat with Real-Time Detection

In July 2017, advanced threat detection startup BluVector augmented its machine learning-based analytics engine to detect memory-based attacks in real time. This means the BluVector Network Security Monitoring and Analytics platform leverages a new network emulation technique to identify a broader spectrum of attacks coming from both malicious files and embedded file attacks executed in memory.

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Addressing the Cyber Kill Chain

The Cyber Kill Chain model describes how attackers use a common cycle of methods to compromise an organization. IT security leaders can use this Gartner research to align security programs to adversaries and improve their ability to predict, prevent, detect and respond to threats.

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Feature Brief: BluVector Virtual Appliance

BluVector provides a Next Generation Network Intrusion Detection System (NG-NIDS) in multiple hardware and software form factors to meet the cybersecurity needs of organizations of all sizes and network configurations. Clients can choose from appliance-based …

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Market Brief: Law Firms Are a Top Target

Law firms and contract lawyers have become ripe targets as they have continued access to sensitive information in the form of contracts and correspondence. Law firms have been warned in recent years that their systems have been attacked and that the attacks will likely escalate and intensify. 

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