CrowdStrike Solution Guide

Solution Guide: BluVector® Cortex™ Integration with CrowdStrike

BluVector Cortex is an AI-driven sense and response network security platform designed to accurately and efficiently detect, analyze and contain sophisticated threats including fileless malware, zero-day malware, and ransomware in real time. Together with CrowdStrike, the combined solution provides comprehensive detection and response across the entire cyber kill chain, identifying advanced threats and orchestrating action before damage can be done.

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Top Security Threats in 2018

Infographic: Top Security Threats in 2018

Companies are under attack and cybersecurity professionals face the challenging task of protecting their businesses from every possible attack type in the threat landscape. Through a recent joint survey conducted with SC Media, we discovered what those …

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Infographic: Evolving Network Security 2018

Network intrusion detection serves several different functions in today’s network security strategy. Yet, many detection solutions fail to keep pace with evolving threats that are often designed to circumnavigate older detection methods. Through a recent …

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