As a nearly one year old company, there are few things you do right twice. And while we see our role as innovators is part of what drives us to create products and solutions that will help any organization better detect malware attacks on day zero, we were excited to be listed again by SC Media as one of its Industry Innovators for 2017. It’s a huge honor and a testament to the countless hours of work that our teams do to improve, innovate and disrupt the network intrusion detection market.

SC Media’s Peter Stephenson described our latest BluVector 3.0 as, “last year we characterized BluVector as an on-the-wire hunting tool. The idea was that by being on the wire a measure of proactive hunting occurs before the malicious traffic even gets inside the enterprise and starts to do its damage. It turns out that in its current incarnation it is somewhat more than that.”

If you didn’t receive the Dec. 2017/Jan. 2018 issue of SC Magazine, we were able to get a copy of the article to read about how the press is reacting to our latest advancements in detecting fileless malware with our revolutionary speculative code execution engine.

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