The Power

Through the combination and correlation of numerous malware detection and analytics engines, BluVector provides a comprehensive sense and respond network security solution for customers of all degrees of sophistication. In addition to offering market-leading detection rates of both fileless and file-based attacks, the AI-driven platform scales the resources and capabilities of a company’s security organization, delivering measurable value from day one.

Machine Learning Engine

BluVector’s Machine Learning Engine (MLE) is a patented, supervised machine learning engine that was developed within the defense and intelligence community to accurately detect zero-day and polymorphic malware in real time. Unlike unsupervised machine learning, which is leveraged by most security vendors today, BluVector MLE algorithms were pre-trained to immediately identify malicious content embedded within common file formats like Office documents, archives, executables, .pdf and system updates. The result: 99.1%+ detection accuracy upon installation.

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Speculative Code Execution

BluVector’s Speculative Code Execution (SCE) engine is the security market’s first analytic specifically designed to detect fileless malware as it traverses the network. By emulating how the malware will behave when it is executed, SCE determines, at line speed, what an input can do if executed and to what extent these behaviors might initiate a security breach. By covering all potential execution chains and focusing on malicious capacity rather than malicious behavior, the analytic technology vastly reduces the number of execution environments and the quantity of analytic results that must be investigated. The result: 99%+ detection accuracy of this otherwise “invisible” threat.

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BluVector is revolutionizing network security with state-of-the-art AI, sensing and responding to the world’s most sophisticated threats in real time. Our platform, deployed to high-density network aggregation points, delivers the ability to perform real-time analysis of file-based and fileless threats. The solution also has the ability to perform retrospective analysis, examining previously collected files or PCAP logs.

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Targeted Logger

BluVector’s detection capabilities are the result of mature, yet differentiated technology. As the only vendor with a patent for machine learning-driven detection of zero-day malware, the company has proven itself as a market leader in artificial intelligence and machine learning. With three patents granted and another five pending or filed, BluVector continues to innovate at break-neck speed, anticipating and defending against the ever-evolving threat.

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To date, BluVector has been issued two patents and has filed for eight patents related to technology that will continue to help the company evolve its solution.

“Our teams will continue to evolve our next-generation detection to meet the growing needs of enterprises in search of a solution that helps them to greatly enhance their security posture” – Kris Lovejoy, CEO, BluVector.

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