Quarterly and Special Reports

Threat Report Q4 2019

In the fourth quarter of 2019, we found that email and Microsoft Offices documents are still the leading delivery method for new attacks, attackers are increasingly using encryption to avoid detection and malware growth is finding new victims on Linux and macOS.

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Threat Report Q3 2019

Threat actors do not take summer breaks. In Q3 2019, threat actors were quite busy targeting malware to deliver and infect unsuspecting victims. This quarter saw some notable threats in Trojans and ransomware along with attack activity from Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) groups.

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Threat Report Q2 2019

From tools that were created for researchers to test vulnerabilities, to exploiting the Microsoft Office documents used by everyone, to tools that were supposed to be kept Top Secret, threat actors are busy targeting organizations globally, our Q2 reports offerer a few threat surprises.

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Threat Report Healthcare 2019

Healthcare organizations struggle to balance patient data security and quick accessibility by both patients and medical staff. Shockingly, the greatest threats to healthcare organizations aren’t all that new, they’re just getting harder to fix.The BluVector Threat Team examines the threats that target healthcare and offers suggestions on how to reduce breach risk.

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