Understanding the Fileless Malware Threat

Fileless malware is a significant and increasing threat. While awareness of that fact is growing, there’s still confusion about the nature of the threat and the requirements for a successful defense strategy. Part of that confusion is because most of the security methods, solutions and routines used to detect and prevent cybersecurity threats remain firmly grounded in addressing file-based attacks.

As with any new type of cyber threat, many security-focused professionals need a point of reference, or newsworthy attack, as their driver for altering, updating or replacing their current security workflows.

In this recent whitepaper, The Rising Threat of Fileless Malware, the BluVector Threat Analysis team discusses fileless attacks, what you need to understand, and how to prepare for and detect these threats. If you think that you fully understand the true threats that this new form of malware poses, the whitepaper will open your eyes and help prepare yourself and your organization for those attacks.

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