New Video: Virginia Highlights BluVector in State Government

Last week, the BluVector crew opened the doors to its new HQ. Leadership flew the remote employees in to celebrate and meet up with their Arlington, VA-based peers. To up the stakes, we invited Terry McAuliffe (Virginia’s Governor), Karen Jackson (Virginia’s Secretary of IT) and Jay Fisette (Chair for the Arlington County Board) to celebrate with us.

Why’d they show up? Because the Commonwealth of Virginia has helped BluVector incubate and grow quickly. Or as Secretary Jackson best said it around 8:54 [in the video below], “We still have BluVector in our network… The BluVector tool, during its incubation and now, has been a part of catching some of the vulnerabilities that the other tools that we have didn’t catch. So you come highly referenced by my security guys. It’s has been a great opportunity of us. Government doesn’t always get to be creative and innovative. And this is one time where it just worked.”

To get a look at the event and a sneak peek into our office, take a few moments to check out the event.

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